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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 14, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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out, midnight or 9 p.m. friday. thank you for watching us. for matt welch, and lovely jedediah bila, i am kennedy, good night. lou: good evening, everybody. the tea party claiming victory after the republican primary election and taking back the house of representatives now is looking bleak indeed. we begin in nebraska with mitch mcconnell supposition. the tea party favor on the republican nomination, it more than doubling the vote total and he blasted president obama in his victory eech. we will go forward into the election reaffirming the same
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three pledges we made at the beginning of this campaign. number one, we said that we would have i just obamacare in the failed health policy but the obamacare that failed worldview. lou: senator ted cruz and other tea party organizations. they held off the republican nomination to replace shelley moore capital including the tea party express, citizens united and we will have more on those claims coming up on my commentary tonight. the news is not so good for democrats, ed janie surprisingly dropping out of the race after
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questions about lying on his resume. he was a registered republican who is oddly endorsed by the florida and national democratic parties and we do not know how they are feeling about those endorsements tonight. in michigan, a longtime congressman has been left off the ballot after a half-century, serving in congress. found to be using unregistered voters to qualify for the primary. and that is a violation of long-standing state election laws and it could and them in congress. also tonight a new bombshell and the internal revenue service targeting gano. e-mails by judicial watch show unusual pressure by carl levin of michigan in which we urge the
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internal revenue service to target and shut down conservative leaning, tax exempt organizations ahead of the 2012 presidential election. in a series of letters, he asked for information on the group's political expenditures and what it takes to get their status revoked and statistics on how many groups have violated their status by engaging in political activity and e-mails also confirm the targeting originated out of washington dc and not a rogue office in cincinnati as the obama administration maintained. and a brewing scandal in missouri. taxpayer money is being wasted. saying that workers are being paid to sit at computers do nothing but hit the refresh
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button. hiring 1500 workers to process applications for obamacare and there's nothing to process so the employees spend their days at the computer and we are sure that their other buttons as well hitting refresh. joining us now is george w. bush and his senior staff, former clinton adviser and fox news local analyst outshone. thank you for being here. let me start with you, brad. the apparent victor, it was as a tea party victory as some are claiming? or is this a cleverly constructed establishment victory for the republic? >> it is a republican party victory in the good news is that the tea party is alive and well.
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and this includes more conservative candidates in viewpoints and other parts of the country. we are going to take the republican victory and they're going to run in nvember. lou: so there is a big thing across the country. lou: doug schon, what is going on here? losing the district candidate, that is not good. >> they were going to lose that and they are going to win the majority and the real issue is that the democrats are doing better than you might expect in states like georgia and arkansas in particular.
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>> are they doing better in states that this? >> we are with and comments that are running and now they have a good chance of winning. >> i think that it's probably better than 5050 that they will lose the senate, but they do have one great ally and i think you have to acknowledge it. it's called the republican party. >> they did a good job last year and i am patient that they will come around and engage in a self-destructive policies are they always do. >> taking that with the facts and rationality. i think this is going to be quite the election and the democrats are to get right back on the heels trying to distance yourself from obamacare on every
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democrat in congress voted it just was reported at the top of the show the billions of dollars that were wasted by abe redish company. and i think they actually have no platform upon which to run. so that's not happening. lou: it's almost as if some of our elite, particularly in the democratic party, are scrambling to preserve an opportunity for their children and we are looking at hunter biden on the board of the ukrainian gas producer and he has ties to chinese energy giant and energy group and what is going on here? >> this is something that you and i are in agreement on. there is an effective elite
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conspiracy about democrats and the publicans for the benefit of the insiders against ordinary americans and i think they are offering examples of how that comes into play. that's why there's so much anger in the countries and not just democrats. lou: democrats leading the way, finding out about the children of republican elites. >> i have to agree with doug on both accounts. we have seen in the past and now we are saying that it doesn't even pass the smell test perception and certainly doesn't look good for these contracts and i'm not privy to them. but certainly being in positions with this is not a good place to be for somebody who is related to harry reid. it is a shame that it's happened before and we've seen it happen again. and certainly there should be some oversight given to these relationships than they should
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have better judgment and sometimes the best deal you make are the ones that you don't. >> just come and sometimes summer i'll be wuld guide most of us to this correct place, including the relatives and friends of the elites who run this country. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> former president clinton today defending benghazi. here's the former president this morning. >> they gave 29 recommendations and started implementing them. they establish the fact whether it was right around in the past, the secretaries of state never were involved directly in these security deciions.
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lou: so the president, still at the top of his game, a new fox news poll showing a majority so the white house tried to deceive the american people after 2012 and 54% of those surveyed said the obama administration, how say the same about secretary of state hillary clinton. 51% say the white house also knowingly lied about the attacks. and likely is a national security adviser susan rice and her she is this morning and she responded about the obama administration 20 month stonewall. >> what more is there that the administration has done or said.
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>> somewhat flippant. dignify now. she said it's hard to imagine the recent reform committee will uncover new information and we are coming right back. >> france goes ahead with a 2 billion-dollar deal to build aircraft carriers for russia despite nato and u.s. please. despwe're moving our company. to new york state.
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lou: russia's foreign minister today with new accusation against the united states, saying that they have very strong suspicions that american
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mercenaries operating in ukraine. his comments come as talks were launched on efforts to ease the crisis. those talks, however, unlikely to yield results because pro-russian separatist are involved. running is now is john fund. it's good to have you here. this sounds silly process. and so what is the point of it? >> well, a lot of this is ancient propaganda techniques were you -- it's where you accuse your opponents are doing everything you're doing. i just came back from europe in every speech that i gave, every conference i went to a mother to three people planted a paid for by fiber pruden and some of them probably even believed the lies. he is buying and renting and
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leasing people all over europe despite his propaganda and some people are falling for it. lou: and i won't mention any names but he's using various individuals to enforce a message and the politics aren't insufferably adequate herd of sheep ready to be led. and let's turn to russia and the ukraine in the future. do you believe that we will see more expansion and invasions by vladimir pruden or are we coming to a point in which he is going to rest his ambitions for a wild imax. >> the steel mills there are completely not functioning.
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lou: hunter biden, a friend of the family involved in this ukrainian gas company. getting involved with a chinese energy company. such clear conflicts of interest here. were we watching are we doing in this country? this is getting sorted and it seems to me somewhat dangerous. >> used to be just members of congress and if you had a number a high-ranking position there was some change. remember billy carter got
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laughed out of town when we had association with this and there have been a few examples like that. but i think now we have been the routine commercialization of public office to benefit friends and family. spin as the saying goes, there should be a law. >> are sufficient decency or honor to prevent it. and this should a law. >> doing it on television would certainly help clarify this. >> you would think so many of these people would be shamed by their conduct and let me turn if i may to simply the idea the tea party is in resurgence.
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did you see the real tea party, whether in nebraska or whether west virginia. >> i optionally followed this in nebraska and he's an exceptional candidate. one of the best. lou: i wasn't questioning that. >> i think the people reacting to them as a tea party supported candidate, this is a guy that actually understood the constitution and recited this from the constitution and that i actually have had this experience and i can make a difference in washington. so don't go so much the tea party but people are really tired of establishing this. lou: what is the tea party express? what is freedom works? are they an expression of this? >> some of them are frankly part
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of this. >> the tea party express come i haven't seen them involved in a big way in a lot of races. probably more astroturf. i think for freedom works they have a large membership base around the country and they certainly have weighed in on this and they were smart enough to of been one candidate in a when we met with senator mcconnell and i think that their membership would've really been part of this. lou: thank you so much. in nebraska, it's all as it seems, the answer is no.
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we will take that up in tonight's commentary. and time for a look at last night's poll. you believe if you should be represented by a military chaplain? 8% of you said yes, which by the way is also three times as many people and 3% are atheists. 92% said no. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. you believe the tea party is nothing more than a fa├žade? cast your vote at later we will reveal a quotation of the evening. stay with us, we are coming right back. >> attorney general says he has no plans to investigate the va hospital scandal and veterans hospital scandal and veterans affairs member brad been
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predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. hospital scandal and veterans affairs member brad been but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done.
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lou: a surprise shakeup at "the new york times", the times executive editor, the first woman to hold a job, fired effective immediately after less than three years on the job.
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the reason for the replacement is not clear but she recently generated headlines for saying the obama administration was the most secretive that she had ever dealt with. dean mckay will replace her. and the va scandal spreading to six states. attorney general eric holder says that the justice department will not conduct an investigation. >> with regard to anything that the justice department was doing, i will note that the inspector general at the va has this matter under control and will matter the results they get. >> also defending the record of general eric shinseki, claiming that the va is doing a pretty darn good job.
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my next guest is a member of the house committee. joining us now, congressman brown. a member of the armed services committee who serves as a combat surgeon in iraq. it's good to have you with us. your reaction, if i may, to the fact that the attorney general said there will not be an investigation. >> i would think that there would be an interest with the federal agency and i would think that we would want to get involved in certain i understand that he once inspector general to do his part. but at the same time i would think that you'd want to be involved on behalf of our veterans and take part in this whole process. lou: you an item the last time we talked, it was last week. you expressly interest to move
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ahead in the waiting the report for further revelations and information. how far away is that ig report? >> well, that's a good question. we are going to keep pushing for it, certainly. we talked about this before and i've been involved in trying to get to the bottom as to why we are so inefficient. this should give america some idea what happens when the government runs a health care system and that should give us all concerned as we move toward. the informal care act and the incentives are not there to deliver quality care on time and make sure the people are taking care of it. and that is a vague problem and we talk about how doctors in private practice will see two to three as many patients to do it efficiently is a post with the va says. >> i hear you talk about the private sector, and i understand the contrast you are trying
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between the government and the private sector and i couldn't agree with you more, i'm very much for limiting government to the minimal level and energizing our private sector. but i think we also have to be straightforward in the private sector. this has not been a glorious past toward providing care and directing care and these are insurance companies dominating our medical system. we have to be honest about the fact that costs are absolutely out of control and someone has to say the american people deserve better than the madness of obamacare or the egregious excesses of the private health care industry.
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lou: am i wrong in our view? >> no, i don't think so. i think that what becomes difficult is the interference from people love never seen the patients. so example of the va asked him if they have ever been in the private sector if they've ever been in this situation and they haven't come a they've all been in academia. and it should be up to doctors in the societies within their specialty is to decide about appropriate care between a doctor and a patient. so i have to recommend to a patient what they should have been i say, welcome you've never
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seen this patient at all and you didn't think about this and this types thing goes on every day that an interference. when you look at rings but they are practicing defensively, that does increase the. >> are we going to get to the bottom of this? because obviously we are learning more each day. and they are being victimized by the system that you are so correctly criticized. >> they had voted unanimously subpoenaed the records of those involved with the situation so you can take a look at it. we have four doctors on the va committee and we are trying to make a difference and get this straight the way that veterans
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are supposed to be taking care of in a system that works and it's going to take a major revamping. lou: congressman cummings always good to talk to you. >> it turns worse nightmare in upstate new york. taking a house airborne. this is that bounce house in the air. two young boys inside, both seriously injured after the bounce house was lifted about 50 feet in the air. they are now in stable condition. in our two-party political system is all about color. the abnormal men and women that serve as government and assuring
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a constitutional republic is preserved. this quote is from our first president, george washington. government is not reason and it is not eloquence, it is force. like fire, it is a danger and a fearful master. we are coming right back. >> in the midst of the playoffs, the nba's biggest stars threatens a strike if donald sterling is still an owner next fall. michael crowley as guests join me up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying
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before. lou: the vice president of the nba players association suggesting players may boycott next season if clippers owner sterling is still in charge. here is masonry playing a conversation he had with a
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broad james. >> i was just in the locker room three or four days ago. he is not playing if sterling is still the owner. lou: mrs. sterling -- he is caught embarrassing himself with the rand against his former girlfriend claiming she is the real racist because she is part black and leaches her skin. joining us now is the "a team." monica crowley and syndicated radio host my old friend jim, good to see you. and our radio talk-show host from philadelphia and monica but me ask you this.
10:37 pm
obamacare is this ever going to go away? whistle-blowers' act of the day of everything the administration is touching, is outraged. it should be there is incompetency throughout the federal government almost without exception. >> but we are well into the second term and the seeds were planted in the first term whether the i.r.a. scandal, "fast & furious" even bang gauzy but certainly obamacare planted in the first term now blowing up. as you point out it doesn't look like this is any competent handling of the situations that they are, pounding on themselves. if you press the case you have the republican party that is not particular a
10:38 pm
concentrated either. lou: i'm talking about running a government. forget about the politics or ideology. they cannot serve the public >> with a demonstrated is remarkable. they're better to get elected they and conducting the office. what bothers me about obamacare it is not going away before plagiary 2017 at the earliest of then. that is a long time for people getting used to be depended on the federal government. that bothers me. lou: john stuart mocking his favorite democrats. >> bring it home. >> they are addicted to coke >> harry reid will crush this guy. >> don't pick on him.
10:39 pm
[laughter] what did you say? told pick on the billionaire why? >> i know sheldon adelson he is in it because he has ideological views. [laughter] what the difference -- does that make? [laughter] >> what difference does that make to you? harry reid with him involved with the chinese company and getting involved with the energy company what are these democrats doing? >> to observations were was he during the election cycle? and how did republicans lose to him? click kind of candidates
10:40 pm
will they put up there was a perfectly good candidate who could have beaten kirk -- terry reed it is great to see his buffoonery but it is not good for the country. lou: not good for the country. i am not sure what the tea party was doing it nevada. that was the teapartier express. >> i am sure that was an accident that there was no game plan in that at all. we will be right back in a moment. stay with us. we will see you on the other side.
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lou: our word of the evening because so much of what we see in washington is fantasy and fabrication the matter how with peers is a
10:44 pm
carefully organized cooperation between partisans who are usually packed by big money. the word of the evening -- evening is beside. that someone or something appears to be much different than what something actually is. apolitical reality in much of america. in wall street does stocks moved lower down 100 points the s&p lost nine and the s&p jumped and the volume on the big board dropped. the telecom sector and discretionary with the industrials as the worst and gold gained dollars closing just below $1,300 an ounce. the yield drops at 2.5 percent the lowest level in six months. tenneco the biggest bond
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fund ways on the earning of the parent company the german company after the fund manager reported the $30 billion outflow that samsung will release its class in september but google class is available at $59. listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network for the biggest news and now back with the "a team." said two-party express leaders the operator long time comes out with the op-ed pushing comprehensive immigration reform within 24 hours in the state of nebraska and west virginia.
10:46 pm
your thoughts? >> that is when i saw the headline there are some national umbrella organizations for the tea party movement. but i will say this points to what we have been talking about that him in america the split is less about to right and left them of proving easy to. it is disappointing to see a major teapartier organization that is supposed to represent the grass roots see organic movement who once their country taken back to see somebody like this in a powerful position to go down this road. comprehensive immigration reform that is not just from the republican party but certainly the tea party movement. lou: what do you sync?
10:47 pm
>> i think from the viewpoint does not sure why they chose this moment it has has done very well and the primary season in texas and north carolina then they throw this out that muddies the water. it is bizarre and a better way to provide more incentive for people to come here illegally. lou: your thoughts? the teapartier express is from a political consulting firm. >> it does not surprise me. but i am suspect. the local teapartier are appalled and they say these national figures have of the side. i would tell them to his face that it is of the side
10:48 pm
-- eighth aside. lou: and he takes it to another level and with those intermediaries that are bought and paid for. what do you think? to make this has been going on for a couple of years as well because the chamber of commerce is supposed to represent all sides. 70% but what they should be arguing to reform immigration to get a highly skilled people coming in. if they address that as legal immigration to ramp up the economy then they can make substantial arguments. >> we need to control the border it would not be so bad if we had control of you
10:49 pm
gets in hear. >> there is a calculus around this time of the year because they think we are on vacation they're all in a rush in late may to push this zero -- zero. lou: thank you. up next my commentary to examine the forces behind the tea party. that and your comments are that and your comments are next.
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lou: here we are the tea party alive and well and having an impact on the early republican primaries
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in the wake of the tea party with in the nebraska senate and west virginia house race. the president does midland's university is likely to be nebraska's next senator with the support of ted cruz and is there a palin and freedom works and you may be surprised to learn he is more of a washington insider who worked for the bush administration and did various capacities at the justice department and homeland security. what about his insistence he is dead set against amnesty for illegal immigrants? blast week he did not sign that anti-amnesty pledged that his opponent did sign. so the tea party victory may not be all that it appears.
10:54 pm
in fact, it appears to be little. at the very least the g.o.p. establishment there is not at all unhappy with the results. consider the op-ed by ntt party leader where he urged republicans to get behind immigration reform as in comprehensive immigration reform. within 24 hours of the victory. people around the tea party express co-founder and longtime establishment operator bruxelles' made it known that russo was urged to back amnesty and wrote the op-ed by bloomberg and murdoch who happens to be the head of the company that owns also this network. another victory tuesday night pointing to the need to assess several elements
10:55 pm
of nebraska politics. won the g.o.p. nomination for governor. he is the son of billionaire amir trade founder joe rickets. steve rickets has enviable diversity of support with the establishment figures such as governor walker and paul reiser and. then to throw in the tea party favorite ted cruz. whoever said republican politics is boring? hang on. this will be a year. time for your thoughts. authors of the comments receive a copy of my new book "border war" coauthored james born former dea agent and now florida state law enforcement special agent.
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your thoughts. should an atheist been represented by a military chaplain? >> isn't this an oxymoron? how can one be an atheist chaplain? we took that up with the head of the '80s organization and the answer is being formulated. >> and 80 is has no faith so they have no need for a chaplain. lou: seems clear to you and me but not the easiest. >> last night you were a new reading of obama scandals and it occurred to me that when we put everything together if this whole presidency is a scandal. lou: we love to hear your thoughts. e-mail fall was on twitter go to facebook or links to everything at tomorrow john bolton
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citizens united president. we will see you tomorrow. we wwe're moving our company to new york state.
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neil:. >> even liberals are piling on. i am charles payne in for a neil cavuto. the left-leaning thinktank is calling for an end to the employer mandate that if 50 or more full-time employers offer coverage or pay a penalty now they say they will switch to handle this and a lot of people say it is time to ditch the mandates entirely. , it was delayed a couple of times


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